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July 1, 2012
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VolSa:: Ivory Brooks by aley-hay VolSa:: Ivory Brooks by aley-hay
EDIT:: FINISHED THE APP, now i have to submit it dfgh oh man!

a second oc I'm working on made for the lovely group :iconvoleros-saga: :heart:


Name: Ivory Brooks (Ivy~)

Age: 20

Height: 6'0

Gender: He~ (But like all my characters, he looks like a chick. The only difference is that he doesn't care if people mistake him for a girl. ;v; )

Species: Leviathan

Job: Unemployed


- Musical instruments (His parents own a big music company that produce instruments and the like, so he's tried them all and is pretty good at them)

- Swimming (Like all Leviathans. Though he has a little bit of a handicap which I will explain later,,,)

- Penmanship. (He can write really well. Really really well. He also likes to do calligraphy.)


Ivory is nice. He likes meeting new people and making them smile. Not much can get him down. This is caused due to a slightly harsh upbringing, which probably would have caused anyone else to become bitter. But Ivory went the other way, not wanting anyone to feel sad or unloved.

He's also clingy and a bit of an airhead. He makes lots of mistakes often, and is a bit clumsy on land, like a lot of other sea dwellers. He tends to burn himself when making food, and cut himself on glass. Tons of that sort of thing. He doesn't like telling people, though, which gets him a lot of infections. He hates it when people worry about him or baby him, which comes from, again, his upbringing.

He's naive and dark things tend to scare him. Yes, he's a softy.

Contrary to popular belief, he does get sad and upset, borderline suicidal sometimes. He doesn't like letting people see him like this ever, though, so he keeps it inside until he's alone.
You can verbally or physically abuse him as much as you want, but he won't show any hatred or sadness. If you keep at it and try really hard, he'll break in front of you, though. He's not made of titanium.

The cause of the over protectiveness shown by his parents is this:

Ivory is mute.

He was born mute and it's never going to get fixed. Believe me, his rich parents have tried everything. He was born missing a large part of his vocal chords. He can't scream, whine, talk, sing or laugh audibly. This doesn't get him down, though. It just makes things a little harder for him.
He can communicate fine, despite of this fact. He knows sign language and carries around paper and a pen at all times so he can write notes and replies. He's also very good at charades.


Ivory was born into a large wealthy family. They own a huge manor outside of the Emerald City with lots of his relatives. He's the only child to two business people. His mother and father both own a large manufacturing company, known for its musical instruments. Ivory was mainly raised by their servants and his grandmother. Any time spent with his parents is usually just a quiet, professional dinner or a big business event.

His family knew from early on that something was wrong. When he cried, it was soundless and choked. He didn't giggle or coo. They learned he was mute as soon as he, well, couldn't learn how to talk. His father was angry, the thought of his son being broken was like he was unworthy. His father was a very traditional and harsh man. No funny business sort of guy.
His mother took to babying him whenever she was around, and putting up strict guidelines and rules when she wasn't. Both wanted him to be perfect and pure. In their eyes he was breakable and weak. A small, fragile, somewhat feminine boy that couldn't take care of himself.

He grew up protected to the point where other children were odd to him. The world was odd. Anything his home teacher didn't teach him was strange... and fascinating. By the age of 14, he'd run away more times than he could count. He got in trouble, but never too much. He could get what he wanted very easily.

Now, ever since he turned 18, he's been allowed to leave as he pleases, and he takes advantage of this fully. He spends his time visiting people and places, playing the music that he learned ever since he could pick up a violin or sit at a piano. He likes to help teach small children instruments in the back rooms of his parents stores.

Additional Info:

- His finger webs were slit by himself at 7 so he could learn sign language. This makes it a little harder for him to steer his swimming, but the gain was bigger than the loss. He'd rather be able to talk to people better.

- Pen and paper at all times. When he's excited, his writing gets big and messy.

- He wears an Ivory necklace so he can tell people his name if they can't read. (Yes, he's gotten "Is necklace your name?" before)

- He glows in the dark a little.

- His laugh is quiet and airy, because all you're really hearing is his breathing.

- Music is very special to him. He gets teary eyed when he hears beautiful music. Music helps him be heard, and it very accurately describes his emotions. Sad songs are usually kept for his ears only, but if you sneak a listen, he doesn't really mind.

- He's bisexual, not getting the difference between loving men or women. (His father would beg to differ, but he's never really around to say much about this topic.) They're both wonderful to Ivory. Though relationships are a little unnerving to him, never really learning about them. Once he finds the right person, all will be okay, though.


OKAY WOW, BIG POST, LOTS OF CRAP. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SIMPLE. I'll fix it up and add or change stuff as we go along!!
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Auffallend Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
omgosh i love his design! especially his tail!!
dreaming-baka Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
Oh my he's tall! I didn't expect that. xD Ah...I didn't realize he's mute. But that's okay, since he knows sign language 8D He can also write or draw if he wants. ;w; It's good that he's pretty optimistic~

I'd like to rp sometime~ owo/
aley-hay Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012

Yeah,he is surprisingly so :'D gets it from his big scary dad

Yes, that would be good QvQ i havent been very active lately and have been uber slow at replying to things, but if you ever feel like it, drop me a note or something~
dreaming-baka Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012


I haven't rped in VS at all for the past year...I swear- well maybe once or twice. XD Didn't check the forum either- I think I forgot my password haha. Okay I shall..I just...need to figure out a setting and ahh so out of the loop /w;\
TheCreatrix Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012   General Artist
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Ahhh this is amazing oAo //stares in awe and has no more words orz

Would you mind rp-ing sometime?
QuirkyLynx Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
kss kss Ivy I miss playing with you and yer mama ; 3 ; //wiggly fingers

even though we havn't played all that much LOL;
Blue-Starr Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
wanna roleplay~? :meow:
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SS O CUTE. I love your character designs >W< <3
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HOESIJLRDSJLFKHJCXZ HOLY SHIT TITS that is an amazing drawing. The tail. The eyes. The Hair. EVERYTHING.
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